Job Title: Sales Assistant(2 people)
Job Responsibilities: 1. Assisting sales representatives in the development and maintenance of customers in the region;
2. Processing and follow-up of customer orders;
3.Management and update of customer files;
4. Follow-up service processing follow-up.。
Job requirements: 1.22-30 years old; college degree or above (excellent conditions may be appropriate);
2. More than two years experience as a manager assistant, strong communication skills.
3. Familiar with sales work.

Job Title: Sales Manager (3 people)
Job Responsibilities: 1. Implement the company's channel policy and provide specific support measures for dealers in the region under its jurisdiction, including product promotion, goods display, and public relations promotions;
2. Maintain and open up markets and complete customer business negotiations;
3, carry out product promotion activities in accordance with plans and procedures, introduce products and provide corresponding information;
4, collect market information within the jurisdiction and put forward rationalization opinions;
5, establish a good relationship with customers in order to maintain corporate image.
Job requirements: 1. College degree or above, with more than 2 years experience in channel sales management, sporting goods industry preferred;
2, good image, strong execution, good team spirit;
3, good communication skills, market analysis and control ability;
4, with marketing and product-related professional knowledge;
5, can travel to other provinces from time to time.

Job Title: Event planning(1 people)
Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the promotion, planning and implementation of the company's brand image;
2. Responsible for the organization and planning of the company's large-scale activities (such as body expo, ordering, etc.);
3. Responsible for promotion and promotion of corporate culture.
Job requirements: 1, College degree or above, 3 years working experience, good at brand planning and large-scale event planning organization.
2. It is preferred to have work experience in shoes, clothing industry or sports industry.